Brighouse Light Opera Society

BLOS was formed in December 1923 when a small group was formed from the St James church congregation to perform what was probably intended as a series of one off concerts.

This first effort proved to be so successful that many small concerts were repeated over the next few months.

One of the leading lights with the group was the Rev W.H. Womersley who along with his wife coached the small but willing group to initially perform at fetes and teas.

From these small beginnings came their first full production ‘Floradora’ which opened in September 1924 at the Sugden Memorial Hall. The two people responsible for getting the best out of this group of amateurs and producing what was described as a first class musical comedy were Mt H.T. Evans and musical director Christopher Peacock. This successful performance saw the birth of what became known as the St James Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society.

Through the generosity of Mr Richard Woodhouse and the Sugden family the memorial hall was the scene for their 1925 performance of ‘The Earl and the Girl’, in 1926 ‘A Runaway Girl’ , in 1927 ‘San Toy’, and in 1928 ‘ A Country Girl’.

The first signs of dissent came after 11 years at the annual general meeting in 1935 when the society found itself without a secretary and treasurer. It was pointed out by the Parish Church Vicar, the Rev Edward Moore Haines, that over recent years the annual light opera performance had become so popular that people who had no connection with the church were being recruited both into the cast and production staff.

It was suggested that these ‘comers-in’ were now practically running the organisation and the church authorities considered this as unacceptable.

The crunch finally came when the Rev Haines announced that the officials of the amateurs should all be active church members. If any member left the church then they would also be expected to leave the society. The result was that in the following February the society disbanded.

From the ashes of the St. James group rose Brighouse Light Opera Society when ex-members rallied and formed the new group.

Some of the regular leading lights in those early days included Stewart Gilpin, Harry Barrett, Leslie Cockcroft, Eva Reynolds, Bessie Barett, Harry Earnshaw, Nellie Greenwood and walter Briggs just to name a few.

In 2005 Brighouse Theatre Productions was established by the merger of Brighouse Light Opera Society and Brighouse Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society.
1924 Florodora
1925 The Earl and the Girl
1926 The Runaway Girl
1927 San Toy
1928 The Country Girl
1929 Gipsy Love
1930 High Jinks
1931 The Girls of Gottenburg
1932 The Arcadians
1933 The Cabaret Girl
1934 Princes Charming
1935 Rose Marie
1936 Desert Song
1936 Viktoria and her Hussar
1938 Maid of the Mountains
1947 Belle of New York
1948 Student Prince
1949 Desert Song
1950 New Moon
1951 Rose Marie
1952 Rio Rita
1953 Wild Violets
1954 Carissima
1955 The Quaker Girl
1956 The Country Girl
1957 White Horse Inn
1958 Dancing Years
1959 Carousel
1960 King’s Rhapsody
1961 Desert Song
1962 Brigadoon
1963 The King and I
1964 Student Prince
1965 New Moon
1966 The Mikado
1967 Die Fledermaus
1968 My Fair Lady
1969 Merrie England
1970 Wild Violets
1971 The Count of Luxemburg
1972 The Sound of Music
1973 Carousel
1974 Golden Jubilee Show
1975 Calamity Jane
1976 No No Nanette
1977 Camelot
1978 Oklahoma!
1979 The King and I
1980 Brigadoon
1981 My Fair Lady
1982 Desert Song
1983 The Boy Friend
1984 Jesus Christ Superstar
1985 Die Fledermaus
1986 West Side Story
1987 The Pajama Game
1988 Hello Dolly
1989 Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
1990 La Cage aux Folles
1991 La Cage aux Folles
1991 Sugar
1992 Zodiac
1993 Anything Goes
1994 Showstoppers 94
1995 High Society
1996 Robin, Prince of Sherwood
1997 Singin’ in the Rain
1998 Annie Get Your Gun
1999 42nd Street
2000 Hot Mikado
2001 The King and I
2002 West Side Story
2003 Pirates of Penzance
2004 Anything Goes