Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs- Pivotal Web Solutions Jan 2016

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Snow White, pantomime, Brighouse Theatre Productions

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs- Pivotal Web Solutions Jan 2016

By Jayna Patel of Pivotal Web Solutions, proud sponsors of Brighouse Theatre Productions 

In amongst bills, traffic jams and housework it’s easy to forget the fun and innocence of being a child. But whether it was through Brownies of Cubs or with school or a youth club, those of us that did enjoy pantomimes as kids will treasure fond memories of cringe worthy jokes, cheery group singing and the echoes of ‘he’s behind you!’ Brighouse Theatre Productions’ interpretation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs proved to be another gem to add to the cherished pantomime memory collection.

Directed by Shane Gough with Jill Lambert being the talented driving force behind the show’s music, Snow White followed pantomime’s traditional format with the result being something quite magical.

Just as Debbie Granger’s menacing Queen Avarice was greeted by with a chorus of ‘boos’ and hisses, Tom Lambert’s goofy ‘Chuckles’ character delivered jokes that resembled guilty pleasures- almost so bad they were good. Kids roared with laughter at larger than life palace house keeper Edna Bucket, portrayed by John Murphy, who carried off the many outlandish dresses his character sported with style.

The secret behind what makes pantomimes so good has to be the fact that the scripts are always laced with simple humour younger audience members can grasp, whilst brimming with hilarious innuendos and naughty double entendre for adults to appreciate- something Edna Bucket’s lines often mischievously hinted at.

Liam Parkin’s character “Scribbles'” jokes that alluded to misinterpreting the definitions of Blackberrys, I-pads, mobiles and other technology worked brilliantly in making the show relatable and contemporary. Hats also have to go off to the young actors that played the seven charismatic dwarfs. They conveyed their quips about being ‘short’ of just about anything in spot-on witty fashion, despite their tender ages.

You don’t usually to go to a pantomime harbouring high expectations of sky high singing standards but Melissa Harper, who starred as Snow White, hit some exceptionally exquisite and impressive high notes.  Bouncy upbeat tunes from the piano reminiscent of the induced freedom rush bought on by the music of an end of year school assembly, played the perfect backdrop to the enthusiastic singing voices of kids and adults alike that rang out from Brighouse Civic Hall. Modern and familiar numbers like Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’, sunny track ‘Something Tells Me I’m into Something Good,’ made famous by Herman’s Hermits and Alesha Dixon’s more recent upbeat song ‘The Boy Does Nothing’ were among the hits everyone got vocally involved with.

Sublime choreography, stunning sets, sweet acting and the bonus of cheap drinks at the Hall’s bar all made the perfect ingredients for a sensational show.  Amateur theatre yes, but a disappoint night? Definitely not!